.223 Rem Range & Field Reconditioned Brass

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Top Brass offers brass cartridges that are collected from ranges across the country. We sort the brass and only keep the cartridges fit for reprocessing. Any case that is split, cracked, corroded, deformed, or otherwise exhibits degraded quality is discarded. All accepted cases are fully processed (cleaned, sized, trimmed, reamed, polished, and inspected) and ready to load.

Occasionally, we obtain brass that passes our rigorous inspection process but cannot verify it has been ‘once-fired’ like our NATO brass. Top Brass offers a special price on this "Range & Field" brass while supplies last! 

Our inspection process ensures the brass's mouth, neck, and shoulder are fit for reloading. Some small ‘dings’ may be present on the case.

Range & Field brass is sold AS IS with no guarantee.

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Quantity Per Package: 1000 (bagged)

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