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TOP BRASS‘Re-Spec the Shot’

April 10, 2018

TopBrass: Re-Spec the Shot LogoDenver, CO -- Top Brass LLC, a unique company that specializes in reconditioning brass cartridge cases for reuse, has launched a new branding campaign – ‘Re-Spec the Shot.’ As a play on words, Top Brass touches on something that is especially relevant for the NRA’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit – ‘Respect.’

The campaign launched with Top Brass’ new website at the beginning of this year. As a company that purchases ‘once-fired’ brass cartridges from the US military, and then reconditions (re-specs.) them back to new (or, like new), its not a reach to see the connection with the tagline. “Top Brass takes great pride in our manufacturing process,” said George Gordon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “With most of our calibers, we’re producing tighter tolerances than SAAMI. I like to think Top Brass is better than new.”

Beyond the ‘re-spec’d’ manufacturing, however, Top Brass’ new campaign brushes on something fundamental and important to the industry -- Respect. Through a rotating image on Top Brass’ homepage, and an obvious play on words, the website reveals what all NRA members believe:

  • Respec(t) the Sport;
  • Respec(t) the Game;
  • Respec(t) the Tradition;
  • Respec(t) the Competition;
  • Respec(t) the Life;
  • Respec(t) the Distance.

“We’re missing the word, ‘Environment’,” added Mr. Gordon. Remember, Top Brass is a true recycling company. Nevertheless, I believe our message is clear – respect the sport, respect the quarry, and respect the environment. Top Brass is simply pointing out what the industry already knows.”

About Top Brass

Top Brass offers brass casings for rifles and pistols, as well as projectiles and packaging supplies. Products are sold to commercial accounts, as well as through the dealer network. Top Brass is a scheduled Exhibitor at the 2018 NRA show in Dallas – booth # 7951.

Top Brass, LLC
11175 E. 55th Ave.Unit #107
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