Top Brass: Big Growth in the Dealer / Distributor Network


Top Brass: Big Growth in the Dealer / Distributor Network

January, 2018

Denver, CO -- Top Brass, the industry leader in reconditioned, re-spec’d brass casings, is growing rapidly in the retail market. Over the past 10 years, Top Brass has dominated the OEM ammunition market with its ‘once-fired’ brass. Over the last two years, however, the company has seen its primary growth through the dealer / distributor network.

“Top Brass still serves the high-end ammunition manufacturers as an OEM supplier,” said Doug Kirk, Top Brass’s General Manager, “but, it’s the dealer sales that have taken off. I’m sure it’s a direct result of the evolving marketplace. Shooters are becoming reloaders and, in doing so, are recognizing the value and quality of reconditioned brass. Why pay more?”

Top Brass cartridge casings and bullets can now be found in many of the industry leading retailers and distributors, (Cabela’s, Midway, Crow Shooting Supply, etc.). “Reloading brass and supplies are becoming a staple within the Shooting Accessory category,” said Kirk. “It makes sense with the way this market has been growing. Reloading has been rediscovered.”

About Top Brass, LLC

Located in Denver, Colorado, Top Brass offers re-spec’d brass casings, projectiles, and reloading trays. We serve all channels of trade and offer bulk and retail-friendly packaging. Top Brass is a scheduled Exhibitor at the 2018 Shot Show – booth #16933.


For the long-time reloaders who like to, “roll their own,” Top Brass has been the long-standing supplier for Once Fired Brass.  The secret these reloaders know, beyond saving up to 50% on brass casings, is that Top Brass produces all of its products under a strict 100% Quality Control process.  Yes, 100%!  

With the use of a proprietary, highly advanced Single-Piece-Flow system, Top Brass inspects every casing (at various stages) as it moves through manufacturing.  Only casings that meet their strict dimensional requirements continue-on in the production process.  Those that fail are removed for rework or scrap.  

What are these demanding requirements?  As the industry leader in re-spec’d and reconditioned brass, Top Brass strives to manufacture its products within much tighter tolerances than that of most newly produced factory brass – in some instances, as much as 400% improved over standard SAAMI specifications.  This ensures that all Top Brass casings are impressively consistent and accurate.  THAT is the true secret the long-time reloaders know.  

In addition to (and, perhaps because of) its high-automation production facility, Top Brass is able to take its efficiencies outside the factory doors.  Top Brass is proud to say that it is a zero-discharge waste facility…that no environmental waste byproduct is put into the environment.  All metal scrap is collected and recycled and no waste water is discharged from its facility.  Not only does Top Brass reclaim and recycle used brass into high quality casings, it does so with very little ecological impact…a double sustainability effort.  Top Brass can truly claim…they, RE-SPEC the SHOT and RESPECT the OUTDOORS.

About Top Brass, LLC

Top Brass has been in business for over 30 years and is the trusted source by long-time reloaders.   Located in Denver, Colorado, it offers re-spec’d brass casings, projectiles, and reloading trays.  We serve all channels of trade and offer bulk and retail-friendly packaging.